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Must see movie

“Call me by your name” – I only watched this movie like 4 days ago because I’ve been disappointed by a whole movie industry lately.. but after this movie I feel hope again.. ;D I mean, it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen – actually, for me, it’s my new favorite movie.. […]

Survival tips

Music – the louder, the better; Singing mind instead of a thinking mind; Sleeping with a head under covers; Cleaning, washing dishes, ect. – force yourself to do at least one of the chores; Showering, bath; Spending all day long in a bed once a week; Candles. A lot of candles; Fresh air. Being an […]


We want people to just stay, don’t we? I mean… At least I do.. I’m tired of investing my time into wrong people. It’s not that those people are bad. No. It’s just that there’s not a single person who would care enough to at least talk for a sec. Loneliness is tiring. It sucks […]

She just stood there. The whole world was passing her by.. And she just stood there. Her lips were shaking and eyes numbly stared at the ground. Movement of her mouth made it seem like she was trying to say something. But either there was no sound coming out of her mouth or no one […]