“Call me by your name” – I only watched this movie like 4 days ago because I’ve been disappointed by a whole movie industry lately.. but after this movie I feel hope again.. ;D I mean, it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen – actually, for me, it’s my new favorite movie.. And the main reason is because it made me FEEL. And I’m not talking about those moments when you see a puppy dying in a movie and it makes you cry – no. I mean actually feel, like everything – it made me feel nervous, struggling to breathe, warm, wishing, caring, in pain.. This whole movie was like reliving my first love all over again.

For me, as I was damaged and lost myself somewhere along the way, this movie brought all those lost feelings back. I always watch movies like: meh, they broke up; meh, they’re happy. It’s really difficult for me to capture all those feelings from a movie, but oh gosh, “Call me by your name” was def something else. And I see so many hateful comments about it that it makes me wonder if those people even watched the movie..

Give it a chance. Without the hateful mind. Care for a moment.